About Garden City Hydroponics and Organics, L.L.C.

At Garden City Hydroponics & Organics LLC, located in Augusta, Georgia, we seek to provide you with the best equipment, training and supplies to grow plants a better way. Whether you are a Commercial Grower in outdoor agriculture, or Commercial Greenhouse Grower or a Hobbyist, we can help. This selective use of technology enables you to grow bigger and better plants using hydroponics, organics and aquaponics rather than traditional soil-based agriculture. These plants can be grown in your home, garage or on your patio, or in a traditional hobby greenhouse.

Hydroponics, by the easiest definition, is growing plants without soil. There are countless other definitions, but that's the cut-and-dry version. Whether you grow in a peat moss media, sand, gravel, leca stone, sawdust, rice hulls, or in just plain water (with nutrients added of course), you’re growing hydroponically. There are numerous advantages to hydroponics, but the biggest one that the hobbyist appreciates is the fact that it is so simple, and the results are so good.

Garden City Hydroponics & Organics LLC, Augusta, Georgia offers its retail Customers many indoor garden kits for vegetables, herbs, micro greens and floral needs. Hydroponic / Organic / Aeroponic / Aquaponic growing kits, lights, testing and monitoring kits, fertilizers, educational materials, seeds and biological control products will also be available. We will offer the best books on Hydroponics by some of the best authors in the industry.

Consider the possibilities of hydroponics on your own patio, windowsill, garage, spare room, or in your own backyard right here in Augusta. You don't need to have a greenhouse to be able to enjoy a bountiful year round hydroponic garden. With the right kind of lights, supplies and systems you can harvest your bumper crops right in your own house, during any season of the year.

Aeroponics, is a process that grows plants with no soil and extremely little water. Israeli researchers would develop a new (and better) method of growing plants in the 1980s. The burgeoning popularity of aeroponics is emblematic of mankind's desire to shape the planet to suit our needs, just as those first plants did 700 million years ago. Time will tell if this growing method also becomes the saving grace that erases all of the havoc we've created as a result of that desire.

Aquaponics is one of the most exciting ways to grow both fish and plants.

Using modern applications with the ancient technology of Aquaponics (a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture) fish and vegetables are raised together in a closed-loop system that is its own self-contained ecosystem. Fish raised in tanks naturally produce waste in the water which is pumped through plant beds where it is absorbed as fertilizer by the plants and filtered to return safely to the fish.

We have installations at Davis Fine Arts Magnet School and Warren Road Elementary School and Goshen Elementary in Augusta, Georgia.

We recently have added RO/DI water for those who want to top off their salt water fish and fresh water fish tanks.  We are very proud of our working displays.


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