Natures Probiotic Max Single Tab box of 100 tabs

$595.00 each Out of stock Weight: 10 lb


Natures Probiotic Max contains beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi found in healthy, productive soil that helps you to grow bigger and better plants! Repair your soil today by replacing the natural soil biota that is lost to chemicals, heat, cold, fire, drought and frost. The beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi in Natures Probiotic Max will help you grow bigger, healthier plants using less nitrogen fertilizer. Natures Probiotic Max contains the organisms in Natures Probiotic F4, B5. The organisms in Natures Probiotic Max are non-toxic, safe and natural. No GMO's and No Pathogens.

Natures Probiotic Max is a unique, easy to use effervescent tablet containing enough bacteria and fungi spores (seeds) to treat your entire lawn and garden, up to 1/4 acre (1/10 hectare).

Natures Probiotic Max is appropriate for home gardens and commercial farms and has been successfully used on a wide variety of crops.

Product Use / Instructions:

1 Tablet in 1000 Litres Water

264 Gallon Water to treat 1/4 acre

20 tab tube: 5 acres

Ingredients: Tricoderma Harzianum, Tricoderma Viride, Trichoderma Koningii, Trichoderma Polysporum, Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus laterosporus, Bacillus Liceniformus, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus Pumilus, Mycorrhizae


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